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Your hotel’s restaurant

As the hotel manager, it is important that you view your job as being a position where you are involved in the general view of the restaurant. For this, you are required to check that everything is running in accordance with the standards that are expected by the hotel and discuss any issues with the restaurant manager.
Considering that the restaurant is not performing as it should, you can understand why you are required work closely with not only the restaurant manager, but also the head chef who will design the menu, and then make sure that the food that is being sent out is of the quality that your diners expect.
First, you must check the restaurant on a daily basis alongside the restaurant manager, so that any issues can be pointed out and discussed so they can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Next, you should have a good understanding of the staff that are working in this area even if you have left the general hiring of staff to the restaurant manager.
Specifically, there should be a close relationship with the restaurant manager as they are the individuals that deal with everything while allowing you to focus on other areas of the hotel.

However, when talking to the restaurant manager, it is important that you discuss the restaurant as if it is a completely separate entity, even though it does form part of the hotel.
You should show a certain degree of respect to the restaurant manager as they are dealing with an important part of the hotel and it is essential that you have a good working relationship with them so that everything can run in harmony.
As the hotel manager, you will be required to make sure that the restaurant is up to the actual standards that are expected from the hotel itself. This will mean that the staff look professional, that they have been suitably trained, that they understand the menu, and that they know how to deal with the customers. The actual training may be left to the restaurant manager, but you must still make sure that the correct protocol is followed at all times, so understanding what is included in their training is an absolutely basic thing to do.
Having a successful restaurant in a hotel can make a difference to the hotel in general, so keep on top of this department and you will see the rewards for some time to come.
You need to give a character to your restaurant, an excellent menu and variety of options, support them at all levels at reasonable good prices.

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