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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does the expected completed report include?

Personalized 17 pages’ report for your child/teenager covering: 

  • Child’s Gratitude’s Test Your child has to input five things that he / she feels genuinely thankful or grateful for (There have been many studies that have proven that gratitude makes us happier and healthier. Like any emotion, gratitude can't be forced but we can cultivate our thoughts so that gratitude is more likely to arise. Practicing gratitude helps us see things positively in life)

  • Life satisfaction quiz (through 12 topics he/she has to input how SATISFIED your child is with his/her current life overall)

  • Your child’s life values (What matters really in your child’s own personal life. In other words, what is important to your child? There is a sample Values List to mark 1 out of 10 ie How important is to be beautiful? or, how important is the world to be respected etc.

  • Best summer ever (Let your child outline what and how his/her best summer ever would be) Need ideas? go rock-climbing rafting/kayaking, visit friends/family, go to the beach, go fishing, meet new people, do something new, play outdoor games, have a picnic, get out in nature or something completely different!

  • Your child’s story board (describe his/her wins, disappointments, thoughts. Simply ask him/her to close his/her eyes, for a moment, then open them up and write anything that he / she may like…

  • Setting up three goals (Put three Goals for this year that you wish to achieve. Each goal should be measurable ie, a goal can not be “I want to lose weight” but I want to lose 4 kilos… a goal cannot be I want to be a better student, but it for each and every lesson you would need to write down the numbers for each lesson etc. Brainstorm new ideas to move you closer to a goal or habit change. 

  • Commitment: (How do you normally sabotage yourself - and what will you do differently this time?, who will you tell about your actions (to support you in completing them)? What specifically will you ask your supporters to do for you? How will you reward yourself when you complete your actions?)

  • Harvesting the fruits Closing session: We will help your child / teenager in easy terms to understand and create his/her Vision Statement.

How long does it take to complete the test?

We estimate that the session will take about 45 to 60 minutes to complete in total. You can revert back with your login credentials and continue. BUT do not move forward and press submit. That means end of session and your license. 

How long after payment can I begin the test with my child?

Immediately. You will receive an email notification upon payment and begin the course immediately.

What does the cost of 20 euro include?

The amount includes the online child’s profile test, and as a result, a complete detail report in a PDF format based on your child's replies. Every parent wants to see their child succeed, overcome the “electronic isolation” which causes misbehavior and stress. No one wants to see them struggle. 

Can the child cover alone the online profile test?

The answers will be 100% answered by the child. But in some cases there would be a need to have a care giver/parent next to the child for help. This help excludes the answers from adults.

What is the structure of the on line profile test for my child?

There are seven topics to be covered with your child online. These are The Gratitude test, The life satisfaction quiz, Your child’s life values, Best summer ever, Child’s story board, Goals and action plan, Commitment, Closing session, Child’s personal mission statement.

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