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Consider emotions as a signal... (Article for Couples)

Consider emotions as a signal.

They are a way to communicate not just with the world around you but on an intrinsic level to that of your mind and body. These signals direct valuable information about love and romance but are also conducive to the survival of an individual.

Within emotionally focused therapy, and the theory about attachment issues provided by John Bowlby, there is a clear and defined map so you can understand how emotions impact relationships. He suggested a number of very important ideas which highlight the importance of relationships from childhood right through to adulthood.

Within his proposal, he stated that attachment relationships are all about security and in particular, where you are able to turn to someone in times of need. This relationship may change over a period of time but attachment relationships are a constant throughout life. It may take up to two years within an adult relationship for it to develop to a level of significance. Once it has progressed sufficiently, it then provides emotional stability and support and serves to promote the resilience and growth of each partner.

This attachment bond or the strength of it, depends on the couple's ability to remain connected on an emotional basis- importantly, throughout any times of uncertainty or when problems occur.

The more secure the relationship:

  • It is easier to manage emotions
  • Information is processed more efficiently
  • Communication improves

Self-understanding improves

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