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Leveling up your internet business model

A detailed analysis reporting with recommendations for improvement covering your Internet Business model including Social Media.

Authors of the “Google’s Formula on the Internet Era”, we provide strong evaluation of your existing Internet business model (Web site, Social Media, Trip Advisor and other gateways specific to your hotel. Moreoreover, we evaluate, and revert back with the best possible solution at the best possible costs. Types of customers and your e-relations with them. Since 1997 we have our own IT Group, Egroup Services which builded successfully over 1000 business models over the Internet.

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We are unique personalities with many common elements that exist within us independent of the religion boundaries or culture we are brought up with

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“Give me a person with an average ability but with a strong and burning desire and I will give you in return a winner”.

My coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

Let us enjoy this journey together. 

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Christos Pashiardis

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