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Hospitality Experiences offered

A unique experience of state of art consulting session is offered to our hotelier customers.

In our 30 years of business consulting experience, we offer Mystery Audit/Consulting Services in a different approach to Hotels.

We offer:

  • Mystery Audit & Consulting services
  • Evaluate and help develop your Hotel’s business strategy & Sales Channels.
  • Audit and consult your overall Website & Social Media.

We have the passion and energy to deliver what is best to your organisation. Enjoy life and remember… to keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously.

  • Our approach
    • Presentation and agreement of the checklist/areas to be audited
    • Scenario of dates of the mystery audit visit
  • Reservation Experience
  • Arrival Experience
  • Room Experience
  • Restaurant evaluation & Overall experience
  • Bar evaluation & Overall Experience
  • Dining Experience
  • Overall Experience & Comments
  • Gym & Fitness Centre
  • Shops within your hotel
  • Spa services
  • Swimming pool services
  • Development & Maintenance of service standards
  • Website Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Report writing & Report presentation
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We are unique personalities with many common elements that exist within us independent of the religion boundaries or culture we are brought up with

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“Give me a person with an average ability but with a strong and burning desire and I will give you in return a winner”.

My coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

Let us enjoy this journey together. 

Enjoy the rest of the day,

Christos Pashiardis