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January 2022 (Spirituality Life Coaching)

Certified, qualified with over 30 years of experience, we now offer Spirituality Life Coaching Sessions to individuals. Topics covered are:

-Enjoy better levels of wellbeing.

-  Each one of us may belong to different religions or may not ascribe to any faith at all. It's a matter of personal choice. But applying the rules of spirituality can help every one of us cope better with challenges and life experiences. We help people discover the magic of spirituality, helping them live deeper, better and more meaningful lives.

  • Understand how each person's spiritual journey is different and unique
  • The philosophies of spirituality including compassion, truth, spirit and interconnectedness
  • The higher purpose, significance and value of your life and how to accept yourself as you are
  • The seven chakras and how to move deeper within yourself and observe your emotions
  • How to perform daily meditations, breathing techniques and how to direct your awareness
  • Letting go of frustrations and negativity.
  • How to incorporate the principles of spirituality in your day-to-day physical life through meditating, mindful breathing and connecting to nature
  • You can cope better with stresses and life transition points
  • You will develop greater feelings of compassion and understanding
  • Enjoy improved physical, mental and emotional health


We are unique personalities with many common elements that exist within us independent of the religion boundaries or culture we are brought up with

C. Pashiardis


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“Give me a person with an average ability but with a strong and burning desire and I will give you in return a winner”.

My coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

Let us enjoy this journey together. 

Enjoy the rest of the day,

Christos Pashiardis